Karma: A Yogi’s Guide to Crafting Your Destiny by Sadhguru

I have always admired the way Sadhguru speaks and hence I went for the audiobook version of the book rather than paperback or ebook. I am a bit disappointed with the narration as it was just like reading through a script monotonously, with no appropriate pauses, it just went on and on.

Coming to the content, it was profound and needs a calm mind to understand what is being said. Karma is the work that we have accumulated over births and not just in this waking life. Some places felt too hard to grasp, especially reincarnation, visions from old lives, yogis holding on to life or taking samadhi, etc. It was too deep for a practical person like me to take in.

The part that I loved was the explanation where he said, it’s not past or future but I am what I am based on NOW. Although it also contradicts the point that Karma is an accumulation of all births.

Available on Amazon Audiobook and Hardcover.


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