Killed with a Pen!

*** This is a Watsapp conversation between a brother and sister.

What the heck?
Why do you always have to be a mamma’s boy?
I have told you 100 times.
Don’t talk about my stuff with mom.

Chill, Sis.
She is not angry with you.

No, don’t chill me.
Just don’t go running to mom about everything.
At least for my stuff.
If you, do it again you won’t see a good day.

Why? What are you going to do?

I will kill you.
I am warning you.
Don’t mess with me.

Oh! Ah! I am so scared.

I am not joking.

Yes! I told you I am sooooooooooooooooooo scared.
But tell me how you plan to kill me?

With my pen.

So, my sister who cannot stay in a room with a cockroach is going to kill me.
That too, with a pen. What are you gonna do, stab me with your pen?
Wow! Brilliant idea. 😉
I think you need some rest 😊
Come over, I will order pizza.

In an hour.
You will be killed.
Just wait.
You won’t even realise and you will be dead.

Whatever, I am waiting 😛

1 hour later

I killed my brother.docx

What the hell is this?
Listen, it’s not funny.
Who writes all this stuff?
Plucking eyeballs, chopping fingers.
This is so inhuman and brutal.
You really need help. You are a psycho.

I am a crime fiction writer.
This was the new story I was working on.
Gosh! You are so scared. Hahaha.
I just got my live feedback.
See, I told you. I will kill you with my pen.
This new stylus pen works so well on my Ipad.
Anyway, I will be there in 30, get my pizza ready.

No, don’t come.
I am going to Mom.


4 responses to “Killed with a Pen!”

  1. seriously it’s fun to make brother get frightened! -with insane mind of a sis.

    Liked by 1 person

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