Live In The Moment by Rakesh Babani

A cute love story or say stories in Grainsville or shall I rephrase as romance is in the air.

There are a few books that take you to their world. Throughout the book, I constantly felt I was a resident of Grainsville. The characters feel so real and relatable, it made me nostalgic and reminded me of my high school days; the innocence, the aggression, the naivety that we all have in our younger days.

This book gives a very important message ‘live in the moment’. It tells how one must have fun and enjoy even the smallest events in our lives. Romance, friendship, and parents are all an integral part of life and they all go hand in hand.

Truly loved the book. And I am in love with the phrase ‘how wow is that!’

It is available on Amazon Kindle edition only.


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