Melee In My Mind

From Monday to Friday, this is the most hated thing,
7’o clock in the morning, my alarm never fails to ring.

The toughest part of the day, I don’t want to, yet push myself.
I sigh, glancing at the to be read books on my lovely bookshelf.

The only silver lining, T.G.I.F., can stay up late, party and chill,
I will spend the weekend reading. Wow, the thought itself is such a thrill!!

Reached this place wearing my conventional formal dress.
Let me grab a coffee before I enter the zone of stress.

I am assigned a project, it needs me to do some bug-free coding,
But I want to write stories; writing codes is super boring.

Navigating through the day, I somehow complete my job,
Back came the review comments, reading them my head veins pop.

I stay back late, estimating a couple of hours to finish the work,
People think, ‘just wants to enjoy AC and free coffee, what a jerk?’

Boss said, “Complete the presentation as well”; it’s a kind of tactical warning.
Added, “The client wants to have a look, first thing Monday morning”.

With an insincere smile, I replied, “Sure Boss” and go for a coffee refill.
I wished to say, ‘I quit’ but I need the job to pay my bill.

I imagine myself on a beach, sipping soda and eating ice-cream.
My fingers hitting the laptop keypad, writing a bestseller is my dream.

I am back to the real world and my fingers started typing in stride,
With pictures and graphs, I gathered the data on the slide.

There is still a lot of work pending, but I am sloshed for the day.
I pack up and leave for home, will continue tomorrow, I say.

It’s like a déjà vu, ‘every weekend is the same’.
I feel this whole adulthood is like an uncanny game.

I look at my phone and tap on that most hated thing.
Saturday 7 AM, an alarm set, and it will not fail to ring.


6 responses to “Melee In My Mind”

  1. niveditakarmaran Avatar

    Uh quirky and totally true. Loved the rhymes in it 🙂


  2. niveditakarmaran Avatar

    So true, the damn alarm clock 😦
    I liked the poem. It’s funny and sad at the same time.


    1. Yeah hence the name .. melee in mind


  3. Offices indeed!!!!


    1. Yeah …. 🤦🏽‍♀️


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