Positivity is the Key

One day, a friend and I were discussing optimism v/s pessimism. We concluded with a one-liner that an optimist is open to opportunities, while a pessimist always ponders over the past.

When we think about a past episode, we imagine and build a plot in our minds and then recreate it scene by scene but not as what really happened; instead, we imagine what could have happened or what should have happened in our ideal.

With increasing stress in our lives, it’s getting necessary to train our minds to stop visualizing such rubbish recaps. Alternatively, we need to practice and learn to detox our brain and declutter all negativity from our consciousness.

There are a few things that we generally tend to ignore but let’s make them vital points of our life. For example, to go out, meet new people, read a book, call that old friend you haven’t spoken to for long, take a short vacation to a place you have never visited before, gorge on your favorite food.

Do everything that makes you happy. Just remember to clear your apperception of all the bad thoughts that pass through it. Don’t let them rent your marbles. Dwelling on a past situation will hold you up in the same place for years and years. We have to move forward in our lives.

I can empathize that it must have been a bad day and it’s hard to get over it but isn’t it a fact that there was a similar “hard to get over” situation, maybe in the last month or last year or a quite long time ago. Does it matter today? I believe the answer is NO. Similarly, what happened today will have no significance in the coming days.

So please stop rewind and replay of thoughts and “let it go”. Look forward to a new day and a fresh start.

Happy living!!


2 responses to “Positivity is the Key”

  1. Wow. Keep going keep writing amazing stuff♡


    1. Thank you Deepti. 🙂


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