Reset. Restart. Resume

A new mother, Rachna is unhappy with her life and her decisions. Her best friend Devi understands it’s a phase of postpartum depression. She tries to soothe and comfort Rachna, but Rachna only seems to regret her own life while she compares how much fun Devi’s life is – as a travel blogger, getting to visit new places while learning healing practices like Reiki.

Rachna desires to go back in her past, reset it and restart living as per her choices. Choices that will make her life exciting.

Will Rachna be able to change her past?
Will she fulfil her dreams?
Or will she make more mistakes leading to another troubled life?
What happens to her baby?
Where is Jay in the new life?

If your mind is ticking with questions, read this short story and discover the secret.

Happy Reading!!

Who Ate Our Food?

After a long and tedious search, Richa and Tanmay finally find their dream home, an apartment on the 13th floor in suburban Mumbai. But wait! Why is the apartment available at such a throwaway price? Richa is excited, but Tanmay smells a rat and questions their broker Shravan. The voluble Shravan explains it as a distress sale by the widowed owner Mrs Rastogi, whose husband died a year ago after eating a samosa and left her high and dry. Still suspicious, Tanmay curbs his doubts just to make Richa happy. However, as soon as they move in, they find their favourite food items disappearing from the fridge! Richa suspects their domestic help of feasting on the yummy goodies but also wonders if Tanmay is suffering from an eating disorder. She takes matters in her hands to catch the food thief, but the secret that unfolds in the house leaves her utterly astonished and horror-stricken. What did Richa find out? Who was the food thief? Read the book to find out.

A Short Sequel of It’s Punny Oops, I mean Funny! – Happily Technically, Ever After!

Anu is back with her New Year resolutions, determined to follow them through 2021. But what happened by the 6th day? Did she follow her resolutions? According to her, she did, technically, but in Mr Husband’s opinion, she didn’t. What follows next is a hilarious banter between the two to determine the technicalities of the situation. Read on to find out.

Debut Book – It’s Punny… Oops, I mean Funny!

Anu, an aspiring writer, wanted to write one bestselling book. Just one. The problem? The absence of a plot! That’s kinda essential, isn’t it? But she was having a hard time cracking an idea for her debut book. However hard she hammered her brain it could not produce a juicy little storyline. That day was just the same, her nose to the grindstone, as she tried to formulate an article. Mr. Husband, who’d been keenly observing her all along, joked at her scramble and wondered why she couldn’t pen down stories about her own life. Annnndddd… There it was… The Idea… She pushed the pencil on her real-life episodes. Tada… Mr. Husband unknowingly contributed to her potboiler with his witty punchlines and sarcasm. She continued inscribing one story after another and Voila! There it was! The book was ready! Want to know what the stories are? Flip the book to the front, admire the cover, open the book and then start turning the pages. And remember to read in between the page turns. Happy Reading! 😊

Edited/Compiled Anthology

A Jar Full of Joys Now available at Amazon and Inkfeathers website for preorders.

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