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Children’s Book – Keen Little Kuku

Is your preschooler ready to learn the alphabet? How about teaching alphabets through stories? Sounds interesting right? Introduce your kids to Alphabets with Target’s Keen Little Kuku book. Learn Alphabets, Colours, Animals, Adjectives, and much more in this unique and colourful storybook. Keen Little Kuku is a book that consists of alphabet story for kids. The book features a story of a toddler who is fascinated by things around him & is intrigued to know more about them. The story revolves around an evening walk that Mamma and Little Kuku are on. Salient Features of the book : Alphabet based story book, Vibrant, lively illustrations & lovable characters, A great tool to build your child’s vocabulary, A fun way for kids to learn Alphabet through short stories, Splendid daycare, nursery and pre-school teaching aid. A short story based on each alphabet makes learning alphabet easy for kids. The ABC story book can also be used by teachers and caregivers, at pre-schools, nursery and daycares. It is a perfect picture story book for kids aged 3 to 5 years. Help your kid learn the ABC’s with this Alphabet based story book. Add it to your cart now!

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