No Ticket, Will Travel by Subuhi Jiwani

No Ticket, Will Travel is a captivating collection of six stories that intimately unravel the lives and struggles of migrant workers in India. Subuhi Jiwani skillfully paints a vivid picture of their hardships, aspirations, and dreams as they journey from Andhra Pradesh to Kochi to pursue employment and a brighter future. Each story is a…

Shh! We got a Leprechaun by Anjeanette Carter

Shh! We Got a Leprechaun is a captivating and enchanting tale that beautifully celebrates the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day and the wonder of leprechauns. This delightful book follows the adventures of a brother and sister who make a remarkable discovery—a leprechaun in their very own backyard. Filled with determination, they embark on a quest…

The Bunny Teacher

Misunderstandings and wild rumours about a teacher’s supposed bunny lead to a humorous lesson about the importance of verifying information and respecting others.


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