Love & (Mellow) Drama by Manali Desai

I enjoyed reading this book as it was a sweet, light-hearted romance between two characters from different backgrounds and generations. Manali did an excellent job portraying Gayatri and Varun’s cultural and social differences, personal struggles, and dreams. The chemistry between the main couple was believable and cute, and I liked how they supported each other through their challenges. The secondary characters were also interesting and added to the story. The book also had funny moments and witty dialogue that made me smile.

The book did not surprise me much as it followed the familiar patterns of a Bollywood romance. The author’s writing style was clear and straightforward but lacked flair and detail. The ending felt out of place and inconsistent with the vibe and feel of the rest book. It seemed to focus more on the female protagonist’s empowerment than on the romantic comedy aspect. I wish the book had more suspense and drama throughout the story rather than relying on one major twist at the end.

Overall, this was a fun and relaxing read that fans of contemporary romance will enjoy. It was an excellent spin-off from the author’s previous book, Love (Try) Angle, but it can also be read as a standalone. I propose this book to anyone who loves stories about love, family, friendship, and dreams.


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