The Perfect Marriage by Jeneva Rose

This book was a huge disappointment. I expected thrilling and captivating psychological suspense. Instead, I got a dull and frustrating story with many flaws and problems.

The characters are unlikeable and unrealistic. Adam is a naive and clueless writer who doesn’t seem to have common sense or logic. Sarah is a manipulative and selfish wife who pretends to be his well-wisher but has ulterior motives. Kelly is the victim, but her backstory wasn’t developed at all. Her real name is Jenna, and she killed her first husband. With a cop’s help, she changes her identity, marries the same cop, and cheats on him with Adam. Her ex-brother-in-law has changed identity and is now Sarah’s colleague. Is changing identities so easy? Do law firms have no background checks on their employees?

The chapters from Adam’s point of view are hard to read and boring. They are full of his mental monologues that repeat the same thing. The characters keep saying the same things to themselves or others, trying to fill in obvious or irrelevant information. The whole book is repetitive and redundant.

The author has no idea how criminal investigations go through. There is a third DNA on the victim. Still, people conducting the study are not interested to find out whose that is. They don’t follow any leads or clues. They just focus on Adam as the main suspect.

The book is predictable and unoriginal. I knew who the killer was when Sarah stepped up to help Adam. It was apparent that she had something to do with it.

Many plot holes and unanswered questions make the story implausible and inconsistent. For example, how did Adam not notice that Kelly was dead and stabbed when he touched her? How did he not see the blood on his pants? Why was it taking ages for Adam to recognise Bob? He did hear a car door close outside the lake house. Why did no one care about this piece of information in the investigation? How did Sarah get away with everything?

The book is poorly written and boring. I had to drag myself and force myself to finish it. The last 20% of the book was especially painful to read. It was full of unnecessary details and twists that needed to be clarified. The book is not a gripping psychological suspense. It is a frustrating and disappointing mess. Please don’t waste your time on this book.


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