The Price of a Wish

Baiwab was a bored office worker who hated his job. He spent most of his days staring at his computer screen and dreaming of a more exciting life. One day, he decided to take a break and go to the vending machine in the hallway. He inserted a dollar bill and pressed the button for a candy bar. To his surprise, the machine made a loud clunking noise and spat out a shiny gold coin instead of his snack. Baiwab picked up the coin and examined it. It had strange symbols on both sides and looked very old. He wondered if it was some kind of prank or a mistake.

He took the coin to a nearby pawn shop to see if it was worth anything. He walked out of his office building and hailed a cab. He told the driver to take him to the nearest pawn shop. On the way, he noticed that the coin was getting warmer in his hand. He also felt a strange tingling sensation in his fingers. He shrugged it off and thought it was just his imagination.

He arrived at the pawnshop and entered the store. He greeted the owner, a grumpy older man with a long beard and a monocle. He showed him the coin and asked if he knew anything about it.

The owner gasped and snatched the coin from Baiwab’s hand. He held it up to his eye and inspected it closely. He looked at Baiwab with a mixture of awe and fear.

“Where did you get this?” he asked.

“I got it from a vending machine,” Baiwab said.

“A vending machine?” the owner repeated incredulously.

“Yes, why? What is it?”

The owner shook his head and handed the coin back to Baiwab.

“This is no ordinary coin, my friend,” he said. “This is a legendary treasure that many have sought for centuries. This is the Coin of Destiny.”

“The Coin of Destiny?” Baiwab echoed.

“Yes, the Coin of Destiny. It is said that whoever possesses this coin can control their fate. They can make any wish come true if willing to pay the price.”

“What price?” Baiwab asked.

“The price is different for everyone,” the owner said. “Some say it is your soul. Some say it is your sanity. Some say it is your happiness. But whatever it is, you must be careful what you wish for. The coin can grant you anything but also take away everything.”

Baiwab looked at the coin in his hand and felt excitement and curiosity. He wondered what he could wish for with such a powerful artefact. He thought about all the things he wanted to do and have. He thought about his tedious job, lonely life, and unfulfilled dreams.

He smiled and said to the owner, “Thanks for the information, but I’ll keep this coin. I have some wishes to make.”

He turned around and left the store, leaving the owner speechless.

Baiwab hailed another cab and told the driver to take him to the airport. He decided to use his first wish to travel around the world and see all the places he had always wanted. He held the coin in his hand and whispered his wish.

The coin glowed briefly and then turned cold. Baiwab felt a sudden jolt in his body and blacked out.

When he woke up, he found himself on a plane flying over the ocean. He checked his ticket and saw he was going to Hawaii. He glanced out of the window and spotted a lovely island under him.

He smiled and thought that his wish had come true.

He didn’t notice that his hair had turned white and his face had aged ten years.


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