The Potato and the Very Nasty Orange by Elisa Anderson

Read this book if your kid loves potatoes and oranges, even I was curious about the story and the illustrations.

The book has a good message about how to deal with bullies who use mean words to hurt others. It shows how the potato and his friends stand up to the nasty orange and make him realize his mistake. The book also has some funny moments and rhymes that your kid will enjoy.

However, I felt that the book could have been better in some aspects. For one thing, the story is very short and simple. It does not have much depth or detail. The characters are not very well-developed or memorable. The illustrations are colourful and cute, but they are also very basic and repetitive. The book does not have much variety or creativity in its presentation.

Overall, this book is a decent read for young children who need to learn about bullying and kindness. It is easy to read and understand, and it has a positive message. But it is not very engaging or original, and it does not offer much challenge or excitement for the readers. It is a good book to read once or twice, but not one that I would recommend buying or keeping.

Available on Amazon Kindle Edition.


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