I Can Eat a Rainbow by Olena Rose

I Can Eat a Rainbow is a colourful and fun book that introduces young children to different fruits and vegetables. The illustrations are bright and cheerful, and the rhymes are catchy and easy to remember.

However, I felt that the book could have been more informative and educational. For example, it does not explain why eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables is good for health, or what vitamins and minerals they contain. It also does not provide any recipes or tips on how to prepare or eat them. The book is more of a visual feast than a nutritional guide.

Overall, I Can Eat a Rainbow is a nice book to look at and read aloud, but it does not go beyond the surface level of introducing fruits and vegetables. It might be suitable for very young children who are just learning the names and colours of different foods, but older children might want more information and variety.

Available on Amazon Kindle Edition, Hardcover and Paperback.


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