The Housemaid by Freida McFadden

This is that kind of book, where you say – one more chapter, again and again, and again. You will be pushed to pull an all-nighter as it will keep you on the edge.

The story starts with Millie who is out on parole looking for a job. Luckily she finds one at the Winchesters as a full-time maid. On the first day at the job, Millie realizes that it is hard to work for Nina Winchester as well as her daughter Cece. But she is determined to make her life right and not go back to prison, she puts up with everything that crazy Nina sends her way. It’s tough to impress Nina but Andrew, Nina’s husband gives Millie some hope. He is the only one in the house who is easy and understanding. Millie is already walking on eggshells when Enzo the non-English speaking gardener at the Winchester’s warns her of danger. What danger? No one knows.

The characters are so finely developed that you would start sympathizing with Millie and Andrew and start hating Nina as you go. But what comes next will blow your mind. When you just start to feel that you have guessed it, BAM! A new twist will drop in. Truly, unputdownable. The easy language and short chapters make it a smooth read.

Although I am not convinced with the ending, especially the police’s and Andrew’s mother’s reaction. It was just a convenient ending and not on par with all the buildup in the whole book. Yet, I will ignore it because the book kept me on edge throughout.

There is a part-2 and I am looking forward to reading it.

Some lines from the book –

  • There’s something about this room that’s making a little ball of dread form in the pit of my stomach.
  • Do you know those movies about the scary cult of, like, creepy kids who can read minds and worship the devil and live in the cornfields or something? Well, if they were casting for one of those movies, this girl would get the part. They wouldn’t even have to audition her. They would take one look at her and be like, Yes, you are creepy girl number three.
  • Is there something wrong with me that I am scared this nine-year-old girl is going to murder me?
  • I’d say there’s at least a twenty-five percent chance she’s going to murder me in my sleep if I get this job. But I still want it.
  • There’s something in his expression that sends a chill down my spine. And then he shakes his head, almost imperceptibly. Almost like he’s trying to warn me. But he doesn’t say a word.
  • I wonder if she would feel the same way about me if she knew I spent the last ten years of my life in prison.
  • As I shut the door, I notice marks in the wood. Long thin lines running down the length of the door at about the level of my shoulder. I run my fingers over the indentations. They almost seem like… Scratches. Like somebody was scraping at the door. Trying to get out.
  • I was never locked in the room after all. Nina didn’t have some crazy plot to trap me in there. The door was just stuck. But I can’t seem to shake that uneasy feeling. That I should get out of here while I still can.
  • Haloperidol is an antipsychotic medication, used to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, delirium, agitation, and acute psychosis.
  • “Sei pazzo!” he yells at me. He rakes a hand through his black hair. “Che cavolo!”

Available on Amazon Kindle Edition, Audiobook, and Paperback.


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