Chandrakanta by Babu Devkinandan Khatri (Author), Deepti L. Sharma (Translator)

This is an exciting translation of the classic fiction – Chandrakanta. Readers who cannot enjoy the original because of language barrier should undoubtedly try this translated version.

All my childhood memories are afresh now. I remember watching this famous show on TV along with my family. As I read the book, I could recall moments like Kroorsingh’s Aykoo or my mother’s intense dislike for Virendrasingh for multiple reasons, one that he gives up quickly fainting every time and also for his attraction towards Bankanya. I also googled the cast pictures because I was so much in love with the lead character Shikha Swaroop back then and still am. Also, while doing so, I realised one of my favourite actors Late Irfan Khan, had played the role of Badrinath.

I am so glad I read this book.

Available on Amazon Kindle Edition.


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