New Book Alert!!! Reset. Restart. Resume

Hello, My Fantastic Readers,

All your support and love have kept me going and encouraged me to write more stories. Overcoming inhibitions, I have finally decided to self-publish an e-book on Amazon KDP.

For starters, I have published one shortie.

It’s a story about a new mother, Rachna, who is unhappy with her life and decisions. Her best friend Devi understands it’s a phase of postpartum depression. She tries to soothe and comfort Rachna, but Rachna only seems to regret her own life while she compares how much fun Devi’s life is – as a travel blogger, getting to visit new places while learning healing practices like Reiki. Rachna desires to go back in her past, reset it and restart living as per her choices. Choices that will make her life exciting.

Will Rachna be able to change her past?
Will she fulfil her dreams?
Or will she make more mistakes leading to another troubled life?
What happens to her baby?
Where is Jay, her husband in her new life?

If your mind is ticking with questions, read this short story and discover the secret. I hope it will entertain you like my previous books and blog stories. Click here or on the link below to download your copy now. It is free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.


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