Dial A For Aunties by Jesse Sutanto

This is all I look for in a book.

It has romance but does not cringe you, crime but does not scare you, grave scenes but will leave you laughing. Totally filled with fun.

Meddy and her 4 aunties are wedding planners. There is a murder by accident, and the 5 of them are trying to cover up and dispose of the body in the middle of the wedding while also trying to manage the wedding arrangements. Blunder after blunder, twist after twist, there was not a single dull moment in the book.

Absolutely loved the book and I am looking forward to reading the sequel to this one.

Available on Amazon Kindle Edition, Hardcover and Paperback.

Some of my favorite funny moments from the book –

  • The table being round means all the dishes are equally within reach of everyone, but Chinese family meals aren’t complete without everyone serving food to everyone else, because doing so shows love and respect, which means we all need to do it in the most attention-seeking way possible.
  • We all still live in the same neighborhood, a mere ten-minute walk away from one another, and I feel the weight of their expectations, as if I have four mothers and all of their hopes and dreams have been placed on my shoulders. I’m basically driven by a mixture of caffeine and familial guilt.
  • “Oh.” She nods. “Yes, you right, more respectful.” She pats me on the cheek. “I raise you so well.”
    Hysteria rises from deep in my stomach and I have to swallow it. Trust Ma to take pride in my etiquette when I’ve just shown her my date, whom I’ve killed, in the trunk of my car.
    “I did just kill a person, so I don’t know that you can say you’ve raised me well.”
    “Oh, he must deserve it.”
  • “Meddy, how can you say that? Your aunties coming over, so late at night, coming to help us get rid of body, and we don’t even offer them any food? How can? Oh, we have dragon fruit, good, good. Big Aunt’s favorite. Wah, got pear too. Very good. Help me peel, don’t be so rude to your aunties, you will bring shame.”
    “Oh, right, it’s the lack of fruit that’ll bring shame, not the dead body in the car.”
  • “So what if you say you want eat eggplant?” Second Aunt says. “Maybe one day you want eat eggplant, but then another day you don’t want, is okay you change mind.”
  • “Just wait until you see what Meddy do to the body. She was very respectful,” Ma says.
    I can’t believe she’s taking this moment to boast about me being respectful. This is peak Asian parenting.
  • “He trick me? Use me get to my daughter!?”
    Big Aunt nods solemnly. “I hear about this kind of Internet scam before. Is called goldfish.”
    “Catfish,” I say.
    “No, I’m sure is call goldfish. Because pretend got gold, but actually just a fish.”
  • Yay, global warming,” I cheer weakly. Bad for the environment, good for killers.
  • Whoever said “It’s as hard as herding cats” has obviously never tried to herd a group of Asian aunties.
  • “You’re not a mess. You just kill by accident only. Bad luck. Can happen to anyone.”

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