A Mother – as cunning as a jackal?

My parents always told me that I represent my name very well. Namita means humble and I always loved these good girl compliments. Lately, I discovered my name also means Jackal or Hyena; and I thought – no way, I am not cunning. Then I started to read about this species. I found that these animals are clever. They are sneaky but skilled. They are small but smart. Yet they are portrayed as cunning. I realized a common thing between these animals and a mother. Whenever a new mother(small animal), finds a way around parenting (smart work); it gets hard for older generations(big animals) to accept it. Some say that she is lazy and taking the easy way out, cheating the child with lousy parenting, some say it’s not the right way (even if the professionals recommend it), and some might just call her ignorant, disobeying and rude. While all this time, the mother (small animal) was working on clever sustainability, especially if she is a single mother or living in a nuclear setup. Despite giving their 100%, it’s tough for the mothers to change the perception of society. Mothers then get two choices – either keep proving to society that they are genuine and sharp. Or stay unaffected by being called names and continue the brilliant work until these remarks won’t make any sense. Because one day, the grown child will speak for themselves, that they have the best mother in the world.

Let me know how you feel about this.

If you are interested to hear more on this topic, click on the podcast link below –


2 responses to “A Mother – as cunning as a jackal?”

  1. Hey Namita…. loved this analogy around your name!
    Namita and jackal??? New to me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 😊
      Yes it was new to me as well ☺️


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