Who is better? Stay-at-home Mom or Working Mom

When Kuku was first diagnosed with speech and language delay, everyone from close friends to family, blamed me for leaving a 6-month-old with a babysitter. I was deemed selfish to have put my career over my son. When I quit my job, I was told I am not doing justice with my qualifications. Some even said it’s so enjoyable sitting at home and lazing around the whole day. I have had it both and trust me, none of them is as it seems. It’s not easy. Please, I just have to say, stop these unsolicited remarks. A woman’s life does not end after she has a baby. Of course, she gets into a new role, of a mother but that’s a part of her life. AND, it’s her choice how she wants to lead it. A mom is always a mom; be it inside or outside the house. She is doing her best for her kid. Stop judging a mother. PLEASE!

If you are interested to hear more, click on the podcast link below –


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