Non-parenting Vs Parenting

When I did not have Kuku, I had truckloads of opinions about how a parent should ideally raise a child. Admitting guilty, I have raised eyebrows and twitched my nose at moms when the kids won’t stop screaming or had a temper tantrum in a public place. Thankfully I never went and deliberately said anything to anyone. It would have been so wrong. 

The non-parent in me always believed that a parent is a boss in a parent-child relationship. But now I know, it’s the other way round. 

So whenever a non-parent tries to lecture me about parenting, I have a huge urge like Rachel who once said, ‘No Uterus, No Opinion’ (FRIENDS S8E14). Similarly, my quote to non-parents is ‘No kids, No opinion’. 

It’s so easy to keep talking but get into the crazy pool of parenting struggles. You won’t know until you have stepped into it. So please put your advice where it belongs, in the trash. 

All kids are different and they grow at their own pace, and so do the mothers. They have found their own ways and techniques of dealing with things. 

It might be a case that you don’t have your own child but have a ‘lot’ of experience around kids and you genuinely want to share your experience. Please do, we mothers are always open to learning from experience but kindly refrain from imposing your thoughts or pointing out mistakes in our methods. It’s just inappropriate. 

There is a thin line between sharing experience and imposing. Let’s stay within our boundaries and help each other out without bragging about our methods or demeaning another mother’s approach. 

Women are not born mothers. A mother is born the day the child takes birth. She learns with the child and creates that way of life for the family. 

Share in comments if you have ever faced this situation and how you dealt with it? Let’s discuss. 


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