A Backpack of Memories

A backpack is not just loaded with travel equipment; it is loaded with a dose of adrenaline, a thirst for adventure, a search for serenity, and maddening courage. Such are the stories in here – stories of identities lost and souls found – in the most beautiful corners of the globe. From the whiff of the culture of Banaras to the majestic glory of the Taj, from the richness of Scotland to the hidden wonders of north-eastern India, and from the serene life in the mountains of Uttarakhand to fighting the climate in Leh, experience the world from the eyes of these backpackers.

Read how travelling alone for the first time gave birth to courage, how an impulsive decision led to a memorable trip, and how the world despite being so huge is actually a small place. Thirty stories, each with a power to leave you in its own sweet trance.
Are you ready to be left spellbound?

Book details –
Editor : Uma Bokil
Publisher : Inkfeathers Publishing (14 March 2022)
Language : English
ISBN-10 : 9390882265
ISBN-13 : 978-9390882267


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