20, 000 Leagues Under The Sea by JULES VERNE

I disliked Moby Dick and was not really sure of this one either considering it is on the same lines as a sea voyage. But a friend recommended it and I thought I should give it a try, and I must say I loved it.

Pierre Arronaux, his servant Conseil and Canadian Harpooner Ned Land are imprisoned in the submarine (Nautilus) led by Captain Nemo. Captain Nemo captures the three when they mistake the submarine for a sea monster and after that is unwilling to let them go. The story goes on about the voyage of the submarine underwater at places. The way life under the sea is described is enthralling. This definitely must have needed a lot of research.

Some episodes were heart-wrenching like the one where they have to leave their dead mate underwater, a funeral of its kind. Also, the fight with the octopuses was nail-biting.

Some words were a bit tough to catch on the audiobook, maybe because it’s old English and written years ago. Still, I would recommend it to be read once if you are interested in life underwater.

Available on Amazon Kindle Edition, Audiobook, Hardcover, Paperback and Mass Market Paperback.


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