11 steps to get your kid to start tracing

Does your kid give you a tough time when you want them to sit and do an activity? Here I have tried to simplify it for you, breaking it down into 11 easy steps. Read on.

  1. Request them to sit in one place.
  2. Open the book. The kid might close it, open it again.
  3. Look for the pencil and realize that you forgot to bring it.
  4. Request the kid to be seated and run for the pencil.
  5. Come back to find that the kid has disappeared.
  6. Now go find the kid. Once found, request the kid to sit back in their original place.
  7. Give the kid the pencil which might be thrown away or poked in your face.
  8. Be patient and request the kid to trace. Your tone may change but keep your face straight.
  9. The kid is still not tracing. Ok! Now maybe widen your eyes slightly. The kid traced a line? Great. Now say ‘Bravo, Good Job’ and clap.
  10. Tell the kid to trace another. The kid may say, “I am hungry”. Poor kid is tired of tracing. Request the kid to remain seated and go bring your kid’s favourite snack.
  11. Now repeat steps 5-9 while also requesting the kid to take a bite of the snacks that were demanded.

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