Moving on

It started with writing a caption on Instagram about ‘moving on’ but somehow it now looks like an essay. So here it is. Read at your convenience, comment your thoughts, share if it resonates.

Kids outgrow clothes and shoes as they develop with age and we continue buying new ones that fit their size as they need. Similarly, adults outgrow cognitively and intellectually because of all the learnings they receive in life. Everything changes with time, one’s beliefs, philosophy, conduct, customs, and many other things. One may not feel connected with some people anymore, the same people without whom one couldn’t have done the simplest tasks in the past.

What do to in such cases? Move on, for their and your own good. It simply means you have outgrown their cerebration and it’s essential to accept avant-garde just like getting new clothes and shoes for the kids. Leave on a good note for all the good times spent together. Pay gratitude for all their support and MOVE ON.

Everyone deserves happiness and peace of mind, being stuck will only cause the contrary.


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