Achievements – 2021

While working on my next book, I was feeling anxious for the past few days. Despite having a clear outline, I was procrastinating. The thoughts that frequently passed my mind were like it’s useless, why am I even doing it, what am I going to achieve and the worst one was that I sensed I was heading nowhere.

This morning, I was scrolling through the social media when I came across a few gratitude quotes and one of them mentioned, to look back from where you started. At that time, I decided to sit and list down a few good things that happened to me in 2021 and this activity was the best thing I did for myself. It has pumped in and filled up the enthusiasm that I was lacking. I was worried about now but when I watched through the last 12 months I realized, I have come a long way and if I could make it through these, I can achieve a lot more in future.

So here I am, sharing 12 of my significant achievements from this year –  

  1. Debut humour novella ‘It’s Punny Oops I, mean Funny’ published by Kiwi Books India.
  2. ‘Keen Little Kuku – Alphabet Story Book’; a storybook for early readers and pre-schoolers published by Target Publications.
  3. Horror comedy novella ‘Who Ate Our Food?’ published by Ukiyoto Publishers.
  4. The short story ‘Happily Technically, Ever After’ sequel to the debut novella published by Kiwi Books India.
  5. Got verified blue tick on Twitter profile @namitadas21
  6. Also, got verified on Google and the knowledge panel claimed.
  7. Participated in YathaKatha Litfest, COBWEB Annual Festival, Shelfe Book Festival and Delhi Book Fair; at most places, all copies I sent were sold out.
  8. Judged a Novel writing competition for for the age group 11-14 years.
  9. Wrote 12 blog posts (inclusive of short stories and poems.)
  10. 1 Horror short story (my first attempt in this genre) published in an anthology by Ukiyoto Publishers. 
  11. ‘A Jar Full of Joys’ – a compiled humour anthology with 13 stories published by Inkfeathers Publishing.
  12. Last but not least, read/ listened to a total of 104 books. (Don’t go bonkers, it includes short ebooks and comics too.)

If you have been feeling the same way I did this morning, then just relax and sit back. Grab a notepad and start jotting down all the good things you remember from the past year. Don’t forget to share the list as well as how you feel about the list.


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