Beating the baby

Little Mr Tots who is picking up new words is wandering in a garden of Mahabaleshwar. Many families were enjoying creamy ice-creams and sherbets. Mr Tots was playing and running around with a kid and his baby brother. He suddenly came back to Mr Husband and said, “I want to beet the sto baby.”

Perturbed Mr Husband responded, “You want to beat that small baby. Why? No, we don’t beat babies, you play with them.”

“But I like to beet.” Revolted Mr Tots.

Mr Husband nervously looked at me with a call for help and I sat there chuckling enjoying the show. “Help me here, will you?”

“Honey, he wants to eat the strawberry.” Said I pushing a plate filled with fresh red strawberries.

“Yay! I love to beet strowbaby.” Jumped and clapped Little Mr Tots plopping one strawberry into his mouth.


2 responses to “Beating the baby”

  1. Nice !! Suspense at the end 😃

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