Stories We Never Tell by Savi Sharma

The story isn’t something new, we have read and heard and watched it several times.

Two stories are going on parallelly, one of Jhanvi, an influencer who is trying hard to deal with infidelity and success simultaneously, and Ashray, an orphan who is also trying to overcome heartbreak and just then his mom (the one who adopted him) passes away. So, nothing unique. It was stretched a lot especially Jhanvis drinking habits.

The good part of the book was the end, the journey of recovery. It did embark a spark of hope and positivity. Otherwise, it’s just another self-help with some fiction thrown into it.

Some noteworthy lines from the book –

  • There are moments of realisation in our lives that force us to make decisions about our future. Good decisions. But even the good ones can be tough when you fear letting down people who have been good to you.
  • Hard work. Perseverance. These are things we can control, and with enough of it, success is inevitable. Or at least that is what we are told, and, in this instance, it certainly seemed to be true. Luck and being open to opportunities are, of course, a part of it, but without the hard work, without drive and perseverance, luck and opportunity mean nothing.
  • those people who are successful, those who actually manage to achieve what they set out to do? Those are the people who get up every day and work hard, work persistently, to ensure that they surpass those who continue to only dream.
  • The truth is that grief is immeasurable, insurmountable at times, and life will never be the same again. You will be changed; it will never be the same again even if you choose to pretend you are unchanged.
  • Isn’t friendship strange? The notion that two or more people can find each other in the maddening crowd and exist together, to make each other happy, to offer comfort and support in ways that our blood relations never could. That a love could be forged between two people, a love that exists not to perpetuate the population of humankind, but rather to allow us to bond with another person who completes some part of us that we have lost along the way.
  • people would come and go, but our happiness was ultimately our responsibility.
  • ‘Life is fleeting, it is temporary, and it should be spent loving the people you choose to let into your life. Everyone who enters your life must leave it eventually. How you choose to spend your time with them is entirely up to you.’
  • There are moments in our lives that change us irrevocably; these moments come without warning. Sometimes they are avoidable. Other times, it is a cruel throw of the dice.
  • No one ever fully recovers. Recovery is a process, ongoing and always changing. The things that set you off before become irrelevant and other things become important; life will always have something else that it throws at you. Challenging you to rise or daring you to crumble. Resting is not a sin, hiding for a little while to recover, regroup and find the strength to move forward again is fine, but hiding forever? That isn’t an option. That isn’t a recovery, it is defeat, and defeat isn’t an option when you love yourself.
  • When someone you love is in pain, it transfers over to you. An intangible thread of hurt that binds the two of you in an unspoken truth. That truth is that no one can ever fully heal without accepting help from others, and accepting the need to be whole once more.

Available on Amazon Kindle Edition and Paperback.


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