Think Straight: Change your thoughts, Change your life by Darius Foroux

This book does not beat around the bush like the lengthy self-help books that can put you to sleep. It is short and quick.

All the chapters are to the point, although it does not feel like a professionally researched psychology but more like getting a pep talk from a enthusiastic friend. It can be reread if you like quick advices.

My favourite lines from the book –

  • If we want to think straight at all times, we must stay grounded, look at facts, listen to other people’s perspectives, and only then draw practical conclusions.
  • His most important idea is that we should question the source of our beliefs, not the belief itself. Because most of our beliefs are based on our or other people’s perception.
  • Thoughts should serve a useful purpose. If they don’t, they’re useless. That’s straight thinking.
  • The quality of our thoughts determines the quality of our lives. And our decisions are a result of our thoughts.
  • The point is that there are multiple ways to achieve your goals. Also, if everyone is doing one thing, that often means you shouldn’t.
  • If you want the dots to connect in the future, you have to make sure you form dots in your brain. The only way you form dots is by learning, doing, making mistakes, reflecting, or anything you can do to feed your brain with the input it needs to give you the output you want.
  • It’s better to be aware of your thoughts and decide what you will ignore, and what you will give importance to.
  • Only think about things you can control. That automatically eliminates about 99% of your thoughts because there’s very little you control in life.

It is available on Amazon Kindle Edition and Paperback.


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