Best Teacher

Life changes each day and so do our goals, insecurities, high and low spirits. Every day it teaches us a new lesson; some are easy to grasp while some are just hard to handle.

With these changes over the years, I have had many teachers in my journey of life starting with my parents, school teachers, few managers (ahem), and also some relatives and friends. Having said that I want to call out my current favourite teacher that is my little son.

I have had a metamorphosis since the day he came into my life. He taught me to love unconditionally, to be patient, to be happy with the smallest joys, smile without a reason, be curious about everything, be silly, and most importantly that we learn, grow and succeed at our own pace. Right now, I see myself as a role model in his eyes, whatever I do I won’t be judged (of course until he starts using his millennial brain and that age gap) but till then and after (when life hits him too)… I will carry the biggest lesson from him to be a paragon whom he can idolize – not just because I am his mother but for the exemplar, I have set.


6 responses to “Best Teacher”

  1. These Toddlers teaches us the lessons, sometimes that no body can , like unconditional love, enjoy every moment of life etc. Hats off dear.

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  2. Sometimes these toddlers gives us the biggest lessons of life ,like love unconditionally, enjoy every little moment. Really the best teacher.

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  3. yes they do teach us to Lough and smile on little doings the best part that I actually noticed now after reading…

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