Slaying The Blues (Quick And Dirty Hacks): Elevate Your Mood The Easy Way by Chitra Padmana

This is one book that best fit for me to read when I just needed it. It’s simple, easy, short and to the point.

Reading those lengthy self-help books that go on round and round without coming to the point is a task for me. Having said that, Chitra’s book is made for people like me. There were so many points in the book that we all know but still won’t apply in our lives, so it helped as a reminder for me that said come on move your butt and do it. The simplistic style used to write is what I loved. It is like someone talking to me directly.

I have kept this book in a separate folder in my Kindle, handy to be read whenever I need that little push. Thank you, Chitra for writing this.

It is available on Amazon Kindle Edition.


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