101 Panchatantra Stories by Dreamland Publications

I just picked up this book for a refresher so that I can narrate a few stories to my son. Most of them were the ones that I had already read as a child so it felt nice to read them again as an adult. The illustrations of the book are top-notch.

It was a good collection of stories but the disappointing part was that they were not all Panchatantra stories. The stories in between seemed to be taken from Non-Indian children’s books. Also, a few of them were repetitive with a slight change of character or style with the same moral at the end. Felt like they were rescripted just to get to the count of 101 stories. There is one story with a moral that good deeds take you to heaven, I disapprove of the inclusion of this story since the target audience of this book is too young to understand heaven and hell of sorts.

Overall it is an OK book. Had the stories been one on a page it would have better readability.

It is available on Amazon Kindle Edition, Audible Audiobook, Paperback.


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