Not My Fault

I was a young girl, just 15 years old,
This incident turned me shy and cold.

He came and groped my breasts,
I stood there stunned, hiding my chest.

He ran, turned, looked at me grinning,
I felt like a mess, my head is spinning.

I went home and informed about this,
I was told to keep quiet and dismiss.

I kept blaming myself, my heartache,
Being a girl, was it my mistake?

I kept silent for many days,
The incident poked me like nightmares.

One day I looked up and thought, enough,
This is not fair, I am fed up.

I am the gender that nurtures,
and not just light kitchen burners.

The following day I enrolled in the karate class,
and promised me, no one can dare touch me and pass.


4 responses to “Not My Fault”

  1. Power to you girl! In more ways than one!

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  2. Just on point!

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