With Wide Open Eyes

Moments that either save you, scar you or strengthen you – All in the blink of an eye.Poetry has got a face. Its visage shines with tears, burns with anger, and conceals vacant eyes within. In silence, poetry thrives. It accompanies you everywhere, in love, in heartbreak, in success and in failure. More often than not, poetry embodies the emotional upheaval of writers and brings forward a side of them that was never seen. This book is a collection of such pieces that resonate with your soul and once you finish reading, take away a fragment with it. It’s an assortment of interesting poetry written by talented writers from all over the world, to be read “With Wide Open Eyes”.

Book details –
Compiler : Deepali Shriram Giri
Publisher : Inkfeathers Publishing (29 January 2021)
Language : English
ISBN-10 : 8194932440
ISBN-13 : 978-8194932444


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