Experiencing Life As A Yogi by atul anand

It is not hidden that everyone in today’s world is stressed, be it job or relationships. This book will help you imbibe some good habits of self-care. It voices how to embrace Yoga as a lifestyle and not just an exercise.

The best part about this book is that it does not preach about Yoga and its benefits whereas it will explain the concepts of Yoga and how it can be included in your daily lives. It does not ask you to stretch and pose but explains impressions of Yoga in a simplified manner.

I loved the short stories that are added in between chapters to explain the notions. My favorites are the gratitude story where it explains how our gratification changes with the situation we are in. The safer and better placed we are the lesser is the appreciation. Second is the story where it morals that smile and you create a happy surrounding around yourself.

Recommending this book, especially to corporate employees. it will be beneficial to them.

It is available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback.


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