Post Pandemic 2021: Means and Ways for a new normal by Aishwarya Kiruba K R S Bharathi Kiruba

It’s a quick read about life post-pandemic. Many aspects of human life are covered in the book starting from personal growth, health, positive thinking, financial management, etc.

The language is simple and easy to comprehend, can be a useful handy guide for readers of all ages. I loved the chapters related to parenting. It is not preachy and does not talk about ideal parenting but suggests smart parenting. I also liked the chapter on financial management, there are numerous pointers mentioned that lead to clever financial planning.

I felt the chapters on travel were a bit deviating from the topic. It only showed how travel is an essential part of life but did not have anything to offer on post-pandemic travel. The downside of the book was editing. There are many guest contributors to the book and their stories were fantastic but the consistency in formatting of the stories was lacking.

Overall a good read.

It is available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback.


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