Invincible: 1 by Suman Rao

It’s a love story of Vikram and Mansi who have genetically inherited special powers. Agni, the master of the Invincible Army, wants their powers to conquer the country.

I loved the story and the plot with Indian characters. It was a bit slow at the start but later it catches pace. Many secrets unfold with each new chapter and you will be wonderstruck how the story evolves. The only downside I felt was it was more of a romantic story and there were limited sci-fi facets. But the author has done a good job in narrating the events and the setting. You can feel the emotions of the characters as well get into the imaginary world of superpowers and artificial intelligence.

In a few places, I felt there were gaps and the story ends abruptly. Since it’s part 1 of the book series, I am eagerly waiting for the next part to get the way out to my open questions.

It is available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback.


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