One Night on the Moon

‘Finally, here I am! How I wish my best friend would have been with me, too. Anyway, let’s take a Moon landing selfie, but the lighting is so dim. Never mind, I will update the brightness later. I know the perfect filter to fix it.’

Click! Click! Click! I captured some pictures of the landing point and decided to take a walk; eager to see some cool spots on the Moon.

Oh My God! I realized; I was not walking but Moonwalking. It was so difficult to get that step correct on the dance floor, but it seemed like a cakewalk now. I mean, Moonwalk.

It was a long journey and I was feeling dehydrated. I kept walking in search of a restaurant where I could get water or some juice. Far away, I could spot flashing lights and rainfall. Wow! I wished for juice and God gave me a downpour. Was it raining on the Moon? Is it the Moon’s rainy season? Then I remembered, it was Karvachauth on the Earth and that was the water offered to Moon by the lovely Indian ladies.

I continued walking. After strolling for a few meters, I heard a familiar piece of music. That was a Jennifer Lopez soundtrack. It was astounding, these songs were famous on Moon as well. The music came from a small niterie named ‘Lunar Club’. I entered the club and was greeted by a tiny alien standing behind the reception counter.

“Hey. Welcome to Lunar Club.” He extended a bottle of sanitizer gesturing me to sanitize my hands.

“Hi. I am on a Moon trip and was looking for some good place to hang out. I have come from Earth.” I said rubbing the sanitizer on my palms.

“It seems you are in the right place then. I am Mooney, the owner of this club.”

“Nice to meet you.” I extended my hand for a handshake.

“We have strict protocols on social distancing,” Mooney glared at my hand and pointed a gun towards me. I was horrified at the sight of the gun but before I could stammer out any words, he moved the gun towards my wrist and smiled. “Temperature is normal.”

I breathed a sigh of relief; it was just an infrared thermometer.

“You are our special guest for today, as you have come from Earth. Hop inside.”

Mooney pointed towards a door. I went in and was astonished to see many of them, like and unlike me.

In one section there was a big screen featuring a football match between teams from Saturn and Uranus. The players’ uniforms were coloured yellow for Saturn and bluish-green for Uranus, symbolising the colours of their planets. Also, they were wearing rings around their heads instead of standard helmets. Near the bar, there was men from Mars were trying to woo women from Venus.

The club was filled with party people from all the other planets, but the highlighted discussion topic was about Mars Orbiter Mission. One of the Mars residents claimed that they have to be careful on the planet now that Earth has access to capture any of their moments and their privacy was at stake. There were also a few others who were excited about the Chandrayaan 3.

I heard some loud hoots and laughs coming from a distant table. To my surprise that was my late Grandpa. He was on a vacation to Moon with his friends from heaven. I was delighted to see him after so long, he looked so happy and fun. I went to him and he recognized me but before I could greet him, he started entreating not to tell Grandma about his after-death wow-its-so-happening life. He wanted to enjoy his bachelor time until she arrives in heaven. I obliged and left him with his friends.

There were also a few other souls of known late personalities, who were hanging out at the Lunar club. I joined them all and we had a whale of a time at the party. I was grooving to the music and felt someone tugging my hand. It was my best friend.

“Hey! You came. I missed you. You know, it’s so much fun here.” I said with exuberant energy.

“What are you doing? Come let’s go. We have to see the Moon”.

“Yeah, we will see it tomorrow. Mooney promised me a Moon tour. For now, let’s rock the party.”

“What are you blabbering? Are you dizzy with hunger?” She started shaking me vigorously holding me by my shoulders. “Wake up.” She yelled so loud that my eardrums vibrated and I woke up.

I was knackered from the Karvachauth fast and it drifted me into slumber. I reached the Moon while waiting for it. I must admit, the jaunt was amazeballs!


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  1. Finally the human has successfully colonised moon.

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