A Myna Flies by Sidharth Kanattil

First of all, I want to applaud the author for the efforts he has spent in researching the topic.

This book revolves around multiple characters and there is a lot going on starting from East India company’s officer Henry Haines trying to make foot and spread empire in Delhi, the atrocities Indian laborers suffer in Mauritius aka Marich, the Muslim movement, etc.

The writing style is extraordinary, especially the savagery interpretations. While reading, I could feel the abomination.

The best part of the book was the one where there was a discussion about Mughals capturing Indian lands. It has touched many aspects of history which nowadays people refrain from talking about.

The end is left open and I am expecting a sequel to it. There are so many unending questions about each character. Did Ratan ever meet Radha again? Will he take revenge on Chaudhary? What happened to Yousuf, will he manage to kill Murad and take back his property? Will the Movement be successful? and much more.

Available on Amazon in Kindle Edition.


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