The Best Halloween Lantern

“Hello, my pumpkin. How was your day?” I hugged her but she pushed me off.

“Jack, don’t you dare pumpkin me?” She was splenetic than ever.

“What happened, Honey Bun?” I asked terrified to see her angry red eyes.

“You forgot. Do you remember what day it is?” Her usual quizzical behavior is aggravating but today it’s horrifying. She looked gruesome, her face turning red with each word.

I strained hard to remember what day it is, her birthday, our anniversary, her dog’s birthday, our first meeting, first kiss. Gosh, I can’t recall at all. I fetch my phone to check the calendar.

“31 October.” I murmur.

“Jack, I am not asking the date, what is special about today? Do you remember?”

She sounds eerie to me. I try to reason with her and calm her down but nothing works. I move ahead to hug her again but she raised her right hand to stop me. She is filled with rage from head to toe and is turning orange with fury.

“Babe, listen to me. I am sorry.” I apologize for whatever the occasion it was that I forgot, that was the only way out of this fiasco.

The apology did not work, she pulled out a knife from under the couch she was sitting on and jabbed it on my face.

“Pumpkin, Wait. What are you doing?” I tried to stop her.

“How could you forget the yearly ritual, Jack.” She poked the knife in my eye and twisted it around.

“I need to carve your face properly. You will be the best jack-o-lantern in town.”

She affirmed placing my extracted eye-ball neatly in the tray and slit my lip then whispered, “Wish you a Spooktacular Halloween!”

Note – This is written for Halloween November 2020 Week 1 Prompt – What Would You Ask a Halloween Pumpkin that could Talk?

Participate in PROMPTS FOR NOVEMBER 2020, follow simple rules, and challenge yourself with our weekly prompts on the theme: HALLOWEEN


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