Lost in Woods

“Get Lost in Woods” Josh announced.

“Weird name,” Amy said ludicrously.

“And their tag line is – ‘Will take your breath away’” Josh chuckled looking at his laptop.

Amy burst out in laughter. “Feels more like a horror house than a resort.”

“Let’s find out!” Josh exclaimed with excitement.

Amy and Josh were planning a getaway to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Josh loved driving and Amy loved road trips.

It was common for Josh to find the most unconventional spots to explore. This time as well, he booked a resort which was fifty miles away from the city. Josh was exhilarated to explore the unexplored fragment outside the city.

Amy is a blogger and has a huge fan following on her travel blog. She is thrilled that there is another prospect to pen about an unheard place and her blog would get a lot of traffic for the unique avant-garde.

Amy and Josh tried to find more information about the obscure location but found nothing. Likewise, the resort website did not offer any guidance except that its entrance was through Dark woods national park.

Dark woods national park was an eminent destination for hunting and safaris. People all around the world would come to spot the mighty lion but only a lucky few found it. There were some unexplained deaths of hunters which lead to the permanent closure of the park for hunting. While the road through the park was still functional but people seldom used it.

Around 8:30 PM, Josh took a turn into the national park. As they passed through the gate, they missed reading the sign. “Enter at your own risk.”

“It’s been three hours we are driving; this national park does not seem to end.” Amy was getting terrified.

“Yeah, I can’t see any exits.” Josh was feeling aghast too.

There were no other vehicles and it was pitch dark inside the park. The only light that came was from the car’s headlights and tail lights. Josh was feeling dead on his feet with the interminable drive. He sensed bizarre that they were driving on the same road again and again but was uncertain.

“Do you see that hut; I feel we had crossed that already. Are we going rounds on the same route?” Amy inquired.

Josh was relieved to perceive that Amy had the same thought. “Yeah, maybe I am missing the exit sign.”

Amy fetched her phone and tried to search the route on Google maps but her phone blinked a low percentage sign and died. “My phone switched off.” She picked Josh’s phone and it was dead too.

Josh saw the hut again. “Let’s see if someone lives in the hut. We will ask them for directions.”

“Watch out!” Shrieked Amy. A deer came in front of the car from nowhere.
Josh steered swiftly towards the left and skid to a sudden halt.

“Do you think we hit it?” asked a terrified Amy.

“I don’t think so but let me check.” Josh turned to open the door but was taken aback. “Who are you?” he enquired rolling the window down.

“I live in that hut. I heard a loud screeching and came out to see. Are you both ok?” There was a strange man, dressed all in black holding a long stick.

“Yeah, we are ok. We are wandering our way towards the ‘Get Lost in Woods’ resort but are unable to find any exit from this park.”

The man smiled and said. “You are third this month. People normally tend to get lost in the jungle. There is an exit board just ten miles away. You must have missed it due to the dark.”

“Yeah, Maybe.” Josh reaffirmed.

“Do you need me to come to the exit?” The man asked.

Josh looked at Amy, they were both unsure if it’s a good idea to take a stranger on the ride but they were helpless. “We have been going in circles on the same road. Let’s take his help.” Amy said reluctantly. “Yes Sir. It would be great if you could take us till the exit.”

The man agreed with a creepy smile and sat in the back seat and Josh drove off. A few minutes later both Amy and Josh felt cold to the point that their teeth started chattering. Amy tried to turn up the heater but it did not help.

The Man sat behind contentedly but averred after witnessing their ordeal. “It gets very cold here. Hope you have enough vigor to withstand this weather.”

“Oh! We didn’t know the temperature drops so low here. There is no info existing about this place anywhere.” Amy sighed. “But assuredly, I will inscribe a good piece about it on my blog so that more people know.”

“Came hither several per a wish in the heart,
None reached there as they lost their path.” The Man sang in a ghoulish tone.

“I am sorry, I can’t comprehend.” Amy regressed.

“All who came here swore to tell the world about us, but nobody did.” The Man said evenly.

“Why is that so?” Josh was intrigued.

“You will see for yourself.” The man stated with sinister.

Amy and Josh looked at each other jumbled.

“There is your exit sign.” The man pointed towards a board covered with climbers and plant vines which displayed ‘EXIT’ in red. Josh stopped the car and the man got down. “Go inside the ligneous gate and you will reach your terminus.”

Josh and Amy expressed gratitude to the man and trailed off inside the gate. The man stood watching as the car disappeared in the dark.

“No one can write about us and no one can know about us.” The man said removing the creepers of the board which showed.

Get Lost in Woods
It will take your breath away

The man laughed eerily. He turned around and patted the deer. “Are you fine buddy?” And the man started walking back to his hut with the deer following him.


6 responses to “Lost in Woods”

  1. it’s cold here and reading this tale, took my breath away!


    1. Thank you for reading


  2. loved this piece.. well written and scary indeed.


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