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That’s how we Date!

“Why aren’t you taking my video call?” I said.

“Honey, its bad coverage I am stuck outside, will talk to you at home.”

“Come on! You are going to be late for my birthday dinner, at least not today.”

“Sorry Honey was just craving for some butter chicken and my favorite restaurant is not accepting online orders. I will make it in time, don”t worry.”

“I already ordered noodles and it will be here anytime, you are so damn late. Annoying as usual”

“Please, don”t be upset, your food and lover will be home at the same time. Trust me.” and the call was hung up.

As minutes passed, I was getting piqued, how difficult is it to manage time, that too on your beloved’s birthday. I was fuming when suddenly the bell rang. It was the delivery guy, “Your food is here. Have a happy meal”.

I collected the boxes and kept it on the table angrily, but my exasperation vanished in seconds as I heard the call ringing.

“Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! See, didn’t I tell you; your food and your lover will be home at the same time. Let’s celebrate.”

I could see the butter chicken unboxing at the other end.

It’s been 5 years and our birthdays are the same every year, dinner dating on a call. It’s a long-distance relationship but our hearts coming closer each passing moment.


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