Bloody Orchids

Perched atop the hill, there stood a colossal wreck, where she had been living a jailed life. The shattered house only had a torn mattress and some broken utensils. He would come each night with food and water and fulfil his desires unbothered of her consensus.

Today was no different than other days. He came, placed the eatables near her and started off his animalistic grind. She laid on the floor enduring pain and cursing her supine self. After he was done, he said. “Go eat, you are losing vivacity day by day.”

She started gobbling the bland food with a fork and spoon.

“You are my slave and you will be living on my commands till your last breath.” He lit a cigarette with a pocket lighter and smoked out a puff on her face.

She raised her head and said, “I have abided enough and its time for you to shut up.” And stabbed the fork in his eye.

“You will breathe your last breath today.” Saying she punched on his blood-spattered face multiple times.

She pulled the torn mattress and threw it over his half unconscious body. She reached out for his pocket lighter and lit the mattress watching him burn to death, delighted to hear his screams till he turned into ashes.

She came out of the house and inhaled fresh air after a long time. She plucked some orchids from the garden.

“Never Rest in Peace”, and she laid down the bloody orchids on the porcelain patio.


2 responses to “Bloody Orchids”

  1. Simply wow… Gave me goosebumps while reading… U r amazing Namita


    1. Thanks Neha, Glad to know you liked reading it.


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