Let’s Talk Periods, With Our Sons

Yippie, Won the second place.

I had submitted this blog post entry for Fertility Dost Blog Contest organised by Fertility Dost.

Pen It Rather Key It

14-year-old Nidhi was playing hopscotch with her best friend. She was having a churning stomachache that day and was feeling lethargic.

“What are you doing Nidhi? Play properly.” Yelled Ananya.

“I am not feeling very well today.” Nidhi said holding her belly.

Suddenly, Ananya screamed looking at Nidhi’s crotch. There were red blood stains on her white shorts. Nidhi was afraid and unsure what was happening to her? Why was she bleeding down there?

Ananya called out to her elder brother who was the only one at home at that time. “Brother, come quick we need to take Nidhi to the hospital.”

Arjun who was 16, came out running to find a frightened little Ananya pacifying Nidhi. “What’s the matter, Ananya?”

“Bro, I don’t know how and where Nidhi got hurt but she is bleeding, look at her shorts.” Arjun looked at Nidhi, she was embarrassed as hell as the…

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