Trolled, were you?

A platform to connect with old and new;
Social Media, it’s now used day to day.
I can stay in touch,
even with the ones far away.

There are all sorts of forums,
to share your thoughts and quotes.
I posted in one, to find like-minded troop,
but the comments made me choke.

‘You are so violable, won’t withstand long’,
I was getting whirled by the trolls online.
But my strength lies in ignoring those,
whose thoughts and mine, don’t align.

Keep your spirit high, it’s not you my dear,
this virtual world is a theater of absurd.
They are bugbears who eat your mind,
hiding behind screens, typing their words.

Just ignore, if not, leave that negative space,
you can’t impress everyone mate.
Whatever you do, there will always be
some hater, and haters gonna hate.


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