Sparkles of Life

Sparkles of life is a book compiled by Shruthi Abhinaya, with seventy-five co-author’s emotions penned down in the form of words. It is not just a book, it is the dream of all 75 co-authors. A book that remains an example of unity in diversity, as all the writeups compiled in this book are written by writers from all over India in two languages English and Hindi. All the poems, short stories, letters, and quotes resemble the sparkles of each of our lives. Give it a read, let this book leave sparkles in your life too. “Every person and every memory of them leaves a sparkle in our life that remains until our last breath” -Shruthi Abhinaya

Book details –
Compiler : Shruthi Abhinaya
Publisher : SPECTRUM OF THOUGHTS (9 September 2020)
Language: : English

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