Friendship Day – 2020

It’s been long, we saw each other face to face,
Remember that party, when we rocked on the bass.

After-parties were a crème de la crème with you,
In the name of heart to heart, my brain you chew.

We would spend hours chattering like gossip-mongers,
Relished the 2 min noodles, calming pangs of late-night hunger.

And that night, when we called a ghost in Planchette,
Post the session, you covered yourself in the blanket.

I can’t stop guffawing, OMG! you were so petrified,
I was fooling around to scare you, how loud you cried.

But right now, I miss all that mindless fun,
I wish I could destroy this stupid Corona with a gun.


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  1. Very nice

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