Social Distancing – A Virtual Party

Its been a month in this beautiful green country and all we have seen are 2 restaurants and 4 supermarkets. Thanks to “You-Know-What”. It is spreading like fire and no hidden story but I really do not wish to speak about the novel Corona virus. There is plenty of information (real and fake) available on the internet and I am no biology/chemistry expert to share any knowledge on it. In true sense, what I really want to share is the changes ‘Social Distancing’ brought in us.

Accept it or not, but the excuse of ‘I don’t have time for anything’ is nothing more than a pretext now. Back in Mumbai, it used to take us 2-4 hrs of up and down travel time to office. No, it’s not an exaggeration! Come on Mumbai, we are waiting for the Metros to start running soon, aren’t we?

Now that there is lockdown and movement restricted, got all that travel time to yourself. Coz no rush to get ready, no ironing formals, no travelling at all; but “hey, we are still working from home ha” whoosh comes the claims.

Work from home in some companies used to be a privilege leveraged to employees; but now, voila it’s a mandate. At your convenience, in your pyjamas, slouching on the couch, lying on the bed, work however you want, who’s watching. Ahem but careful during the video calls. There are video conference call recordings making rounds on internet and I hope you are not on the next one. 😉

Ah! And these recordings again remind me of some other categories of pictures peaking up. #SareeChallenge, #MotherhoodDare, mind this before laughing at it, I also participated. Also, not to forget the ‘Dalgona Coffee’; it’s the best way to improve your balancing skills. Wanna know how, google up the recipe for this fad coffee; now. OH, wait; I mean after finishing up this post. 😄

Another profession that will get a lot of competition in forthcoming months; guess which one? Of course, “Chef” it is. Yes, most of us (including me) have unleashed this hidden talent of cooking, plus clicking it from 100 different angles layering it with 20 other filters to get the most delicious looking platter. To hell with taste it should make a great Instagram story. On second thoughts; does that qualify for a Chef or a Food photographer?

On a serious note, this lock down period has definitely brought us all together and closer. The Whats App groups are super active now and the continuous beeps kill all that extra time. Another perk I got is a chance to connect with long lost friends and also video call them. I guess it’s the case with everyone as lately I see a lot of video call screenshots replaced with random selfies statuses.

On top of it, my super crazy friends gang got into a digital potluck on the very first day of lockdown and turned out be one of the most amusing events organised and attended. It was a treat to everybody’s eyes and individual tummies. See the pics for yourself.

Go ahead and organize such super fun digital events with your gang, coz hey, the days are just passing by and the Lockdown is gonna end soon. Make memories as to you need stories to tell to your next generations about this period.

Times are tough but together; while maintaining social distance, we can sail through it. 🙏


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  1. That is just amazing, after all days are flying past us, might as well make the best of what we can in our own little ways 🙂

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