The Honeymoon Phase of Relocation

It’s been a week in this green continent and to be honest, I feel fresher then ever. We are in Entebbe, a town in Central Uganda situated on Lake Victoria peninsula. While Uganda is also known as Pearl of Africa, I feel Entebbe can be named as Gem of Uganda.

The first thing that hits your eyes is the loads of verdant and gorgeous houses. The place is pristine, greener and so easy on the eyes. By evening our lungs were high on oxygen. After being born and brought up in Mumbai, hamare lungs ko aadat bhi nahi itne oxygen ki.

The prebooked Airbnb we are staying in has a big lawn and Mr. Tots is freaking out of control. Itna easy accessible garden, he has gone bonkers, jumping and running all over.

This house just raised my bars and I am unable to settle down on a rental apartment. Not spoilt for choice given the budget and size of the town, but can’t let go off the experience of staying in ‘apna ek chota sa ghar’. My mind is still humming the song, ‘Socho ke Jheelon ka Shehar ho, Lake Victoria pe Apna ek ghar ho’. Apt song for the current mood, trust me.

One interesting info I learnt is that the locals here are addressed as ‘Papa’ and ‘Mama’, so similar to India where all Indians are your brothers and sisters, here you can say, all Ugandans are your fathers and mothers. Joke tha, hasi nai aai to ignore Karo.

Be that as it may, I am so elated with the currency denominations I can see here, makes me feel like a queen carrying millions in my wallet. Notably, I just love their colors.

Last but not the least, I have just turned into a full time stay at home mom from a full time working mom. If truth be told, none of them are plain sailing, I was mentally stressed then I am cognitively exhausted now; I was tired then I am impatient now. This topic undeniably deserves a full fledged post and I promise to come up with one in my future write-ups.

Before I finish, a special mention about Mr. Husband’s new office. This wisecracking man tricked me to believe it was our next holiday resort. See the pictures for yourself.

Yup that’s the UN RSCE office.

2 responses to “The Honeymoon Phase of Relocation”

  1. Wow , great to know about the place and can relate to the feeling of feeling full of Oxygen 🙂 ! Enjoy your stay and keep writing about your experiences there !


    1. Thank you for the wishes, glad you could feel the feeling


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